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I believe that creativity in the workplace is the key to success. This is a concept I live out through my interests in design, art, painting and music. Below is a list of skills I use to fuel my creative ambitions.

Adobe Creative Suite

InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom, Premier Pro
The is industry standard software.

Other Design Software

C.A.D., Procreate, Morpholio Trace, SketchUp 3D
Specialized for specific design environments.

Web Design

HTML 5, CSS 3, Wordpress, Figma, Dreamweaver, Visual Studio Code
Frontend/ Backend webdesign knowledge.

Print Design

Print Prepress, Large Format Prints, Motion Graphics,
Industry leading digital and print design knowledge.

Recent Projects

Project 1

T-Shirt Designs

I was hired to design a series of t-shirts for a local gym. The shirts had to have a certain look and feel like an old tatoo. I chose specific fonts and styles of art to emulate the look. Both shirts are now SOLD OUT!
Click HERE for a full size image.


Project 2

Delta Training Video

I was asked by Delta Airlines to create a short training video on the perks of digital ticketing. I created this entire video, concept to completion, in just 2 days. All the artwork is original and I even did the voiceover myself!
Click HERE to watch the video


Project 3

Preserving Memories

What do you do when your families recipe cards that have been passed down for several generations start to fall apart? You call me! I recreated these amazing recipes in paint and even duplicated the handwriting and stains on the cards. Each of which tells the story of who wrote it and the many mouths it made happy.
Click HERE for a hi-rez version.


Project 4

Lobby Poster

This was a lobby poster created for magician Mike Paldino. In his show he swallows needles and wanted to advertise that illusion in the lobby before each show. Something to create buzz as people stood around waiting to go in. I love the vintage feel of this piece.
Click HERE for a full size version.


Project 5

Magic Doghouse

What you are looking at is the original artwork for an illusion design. After a creative meeting for the show The Carbonaro Effect, they needed a creative way to hide a person in a box that would match the decor at an indoor dog park. I created this drawing while visiting the park. It was a quick sketch that was then turned into a CAD drawing and sent to an illusion builder in Las Vegas. He cut the needed pieces based on the drawing and sent it to us to assemble. It was exactly like my original sketch. See the full size image for a side by side comparison of what the actual prop looked like.
Click HERE for the full image.


About me

Creative Art Director

Howdy! My name is Chad Sanborn. I have worked in the entertainment field creating one of a kind ideas, props, artwork and more for the last 10 years.

My print and digital work has included small things like labels for food cans, to medium sized banners and posters used in theaters, to huge outdoor advertising billboards. And I have made many unique props from photo-realistic fake meatballs, to singing clams, and even a fake chicken that was used to fool Shaquille O'neal.

I have pitched hundreds of unique ideas that were turned into television skits, for tv shows on TruTV and The Cartoon Network. I have the vision to dream big and the artistic skills to make them come true. Allow me to bring my unique gifts to Your Team!
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